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5 Moments to Celebrate at Children’s Hospital of Georgia in September

There are many miracle moments to celebrate in September at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. With the help of our incredible supporters, these moments continue to happen everyday for our kids!

1. Brave the Shave Raises Money for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The Georgia Cancer Center and Children’s Hospital of Georgia honored Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the annual Brave the Shave fundraiser. Participants and donors helped raise $13,076 towards childhood cancer care and research for our kids.


Brave the Shave

2. Augusta Regional Airport Shows their Support for Children’s Hospital of Georgia

Augusta Regional Airport showed their support for Children’s Hospital of Georgia by raising money for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout September, they raised $1,292 to help kids getting treated at our hospital.

Augusta Regional Airport Donation


3. Local Love’s Travel Stops Celebrates 20 Years of Miracles for our Kids

Children’s Miracle Network partner Love’s Travel Stops celebrated 20 years of miracles. Local locations, #354 in Thomson, GA and #338 in Richmond Hill, GA celebrated this campaign. During September they helped raise money for our kids at Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Love's Travel Stops Campaign

4. Georgia Drug Card Donates Money to Support Life-Saving Care

Georgia Drug Card presented a generous donation of $8,344.55 for Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Each time a prescription is processed though the Georgia Drug Card, a portion goes directly to help a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. With this incredible support, their organization continues to support the life-saving care happening at our hospital.

Georgia Drug Card Donation

5. Children’s Hospital of Georgia Helps Two Babies Overcome Rare Breathing Condition

Two tiny patients at Children’s Hospital of Georgia received treatment for a rare breathing condition known as a “vascular cyst” by Dr. William Carroll. “Diagnosing vallecular cysts earlier is beneficial to the baby because otherwise, the cyst can grow and cause substantial airway obstruction to the point of being a life-threatening concern for the baby. The babies with these cysts often burn more calories than they take in by trying to breathe around the cyst, so their growth is a big concern.” Learn more about this rare condition by reading the story here.

Vascular Cyst Patient and Family

Make a miracle happen.

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